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Course “Professional Consulting Hypnotist”- 2 level (prepayment)

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Practical application” (2,3 and 4 modules)

Full course participants will learn:

  • Training lasts 5 months, 3 lessons per week
  • Skills of induction and withdrawal from a hypnotic trance;
  • Skills of creating and using various types of suggestions depending on the psychological characteristics of the client;
  • The structure and constituent elements of trance, the microdynamics of trance;
  • Skills to establish effective contact with the unconscious using ideomotor movements (levitation, catalepsy);
  • Tactics of achievement and methods of obtaining information from the deep unconscious in a trance state;
  • Regression techniques
  • Creating a therapeutic strategy for a specific client;
  • Identification and principles of working out psychotraumas of an early age;
  • Ways of psychotherapeutic work without awareness of the problem by the client;
  • Approaches to working with “difficult” and resistant clients;
  • Using self-hypnosis for personal growth, expanding your knowledge and working through your own problems.
  • Will receive an international certificate of “Professional Hypnologist”


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