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Meet Our Exceptional Team of Coaches at Chicago University of Hypnosis and Psychology 

Welcome to Chicago University of Hypnosis and Psychology, where we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled and dedicated coaches. Each coach brings a unique blend of experience, expertise, and passion to our coaching community. In this feature, we invite you to meet our exceptional team and discover the wealth of knowledge they offer.

Meet the Team

Our Team of ICF Professionals, Coaches, Trainers, Mentors and Assessors is at your service to partner with you in the journey to your excellence.

Yulia Volimerets

We are proud to introduce Yulia Volimerets, a seasoned ICF PCC certified coach, mentor, and supervisor, with over 1900 hours of rich coaching experience. Yulia’s approach to coaching is deeply influenced by her passion for coaching psychology, mindfulness, and evidence-based models hypnoterapy, ensuring a comprehensive and effective experience for her clients. Before embarking on her coaching career, Yulia spent 16 years in the business sector, coupled with 9 years of clinical psychology practice, equipping her with a unique blend of practical business insight and deep psychological understanding.

Education and Certification:

Yulia’s educational background is as diverse as it is impressive. She completed a 154-hour accredited trainer training program at Performance Solution, enriching her coaching and training expertise. Yulia has also completed the ICF Assessor Training Course and is in the process of obtaining a Professional Certificate in Coaching Supervision. Her commitment to continuous education led her to achieve a master’s degree in psychology in 2023, greatly enhancing her practice. Presently, she is working towards becoming a Master Coach with the ICF in 2024. Additionally, in 2023, Yulia accredited her own hypnotherapy program with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and became a certified hypnotherapy instructor with the NGH in the USA, broadening her scope and expertise in the transformative field of hypnotherapy.

Galina Kapustina

Introducing Galina, a distinguished member of our coaching team, who exemplifies dedication and expertise in her field. Galina is an ICF PCC Certified Trainer and an ICTA Transformational Coach, boasting over 900 hours of hands-on coaching experience. Her coaching style is profoundly influenced by her values-centric approach, focusing on nurturing authenticity, sustainability, and purpose in her clients’ lives. Prior to embarking on her coaching career, Galina accumulated valuable experience in the banking sector, where she played a pivotal role in supporting and guiding teams, honing her leadership and interpersonal skills.

Education and Certification:

Galina’s educational journey is as impressive as her professional experience. She successfully completed the Certified Business Coach program, specializing in leadership coaching, and earned a postgraduate certificate from Leadership University, USA. This academic pursuit complemented her practical experience, providing her with advanced skills in guiding leaders and professionals. Additionally, Galina’s credentials are further enriched by her background as a licensed psychologist with a focus on Cognitive Therapy. This unique blend of coaching and psychological expertise enables her to offer a holistic approach to her clients, addressing not only their professional aspirations but also their personal growth and wellbeing.

Larisa Afonina


We are delighted to introduce Larisa Afonina, a dedicated ACC ICF Level Coach, who brings to our team over 400 hours of practice in both business and life coaching. Larisa’s multifaceted role as a coach and business trainer positions her uniquely to offer guidance that spans both personal development and professional growth.

Education and Certification:

Larisa’s coaching journey is marked by her versatility and commitment to continuous learning. Her experience as a business trainer complements her coaching practice, allowing her to provide insights that are both pragmatic and transformative. This blend of business acumen and life coaching expertise enables Larisa to offer a holistic approach to her clients, addressing a wide range of needs from career progression to personal fulfillment. As an ACC ICF Level Coach, Larisa adheres to the highest standards of coaching ethics and effectiveness. Her style is characterized by a balance of empathetic understanding and results-driven strategies. She excels in helping clients identify their goals, overcome challenges, and achieve measurable success in both their personal and professional lives.

Larisa’s expertise lies in her ability to integrate life coaching principles with business strategies. She is adept at guiding clients through career transitions, leadership development, and personal growth challenges. Her approach is particularly beneficial for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, entrepreneurs navigating business growth, and individuals looking to make significant life changes.

Guetcho Guetchev

Guetcho Guetchev is an esteemed coach and hypnotist with a deep passion for empowering individuals to overcome their phobias, fears, and challenges in interpersonal relationships. With years of dedicated practice, Guetcho has honed his expertise in navigating the complex landscape of human emotions and behavior, offering transformative experiences to those seeking change. His approach combines traditional hypnotic techniques with innovative coaching methods, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. As a valued faculty member at our university, Guetcho brings his real-world experience into the classroom, inspiring students with his dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Education and Certification:

Guetcho Guetchev has pursued extensive education and training in the fields of hypnotherapy and coaching, solidifying his foundation in these disciplines. He holds certifications from reputable institutions, reflecting his commitment to excellence and continuous learning. His academic journey is marked by a rigorous exploration of psychological principles, therapeutic methodologies, and advanced hypnotherapy techniques. As a lifelong learner, Guetcho continuously seeks to update his skills and knowledge, ensuring that his teaching and practice remain at the forefront of the field.

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