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Explore the Impact of ICF Coach Training Accreditations: A Comprehensive Guide for Coaches

Delve into the world of ICF accreditations that shape coach training providers. While the ICF bestows accreditations upon individual coaches , it also extends its recognition to companies dedicated to training coaches based on ICF standards.

ICF, as an organization, doesn’t directly offer training. Instead, they meticulously review and accredit third-party training providers. These accredited providers issue coach certificates or diplomas, allowing learners to pursue their ICF credential once they fulfill all other requirements.

Understanding coach training accreditations is crucial for coaches, regardless of their experience level, as the chosen training significantly influences the credentialing process. Below is a concise overview of the three levels of ICF accreditations for coaches. This guide empowers you to conduct further research for additional insights and assists in selecting the training that aligns best with your needs.


Level 1 courses offer between 60 and up to 124 training hours, and are designated as ACC Accredited Education. That means that upon successful completion of a Level 1 training, you will be able to apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential using the Level 1 application path once you meet the other credentialing requirements.

Unlock Your Potential with Level 1 Accredited Programs

Our Level 1 courses, encompassing 106 training hours, hold the esteemed ACC Accredited Education designation. Successful completion of a Level 1 training empowers you to apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the Level 1 application path, subject to meeting other credentialing requirements.

Notably, our Professional Coaching Skills Certification has attained ICF Level 1 Accreditation, ensuring a comprehensive and recognized pathway toward your coaching goals.


Level 2 courses offer between 125 and up to 175 training hours, and are designated as PCC Accredited Education. Upon successful completion of a Level 2 training, you will be able to apply for the ACC or the PCC credential using the Level 2 path.

Elevate Your Coaching Journey with Level 2 Accredited Programs

Our Level 2 courses, spanning 165 training hours, proudly bear the distinction of PCC Accredited Education. Upon successfully completing a Level 2 training, you gain eligibility to apply for either the ACC or the PCC credential through the Level 2 path.

Distinguished among them is our Advanced Diploma in Coaching, which proudly holds ICF Level 2 Accreditation. This ensures a robust and recognized platform for advancing your coaching expertise.


Level 3 courses are aimed at giving PCC-accredited coaches the knowledge and resources to be ready for an MCC credential. These programmes are designed MCC Accreditation Education. They are 75 hours long and are delivered by MCC coaches who will also mentor participants.

Choosing the Right Training Path for You!


Your selection depends on your coaching background and aspirations.

  1. If you’re new to coach training: Start with a Level 1 coach training.

  2. If you’ve completed a non-ICF accredited coach training: Begin with a Level 1 course to align with ICF standards.

  3. If you aspire to make coaching your career and aim for a PCC accreditation:

    • Direct Path: If you have the time and resources for an extensive training, consider enrolling directly in a Level 2 program.
    • Staggered Approach: Opt for a Level 1 course first, earn your ACC accreditation. Later, pursue another training for your Level 2 certificate and apply for your PCC when ready.

We tailor our programs to accommodate diverse paths, ensuring you have the flexibility to align your training with your unique journey and goals.

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