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Chicago University of Hypnosis and Psychology is a commercial educational organization located in the state of Illinois. Officially established in 2021 in Chicago, Illinois, the university is a professional entity composed of dedicated individuals committed to the development of hypnosis and coaching.

Founded in 2021 by Yulia Volimerets, the director of the Hypnosis Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, we have quickly expanded our programs not only in English but also in the Russian language. At present, Yulia Volimerets is the sole and first certified trainer and instructor offering a hypnosis course in Russian, recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). She holds the official authority to conduct training sessions and issue NGH certificates.”


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Chicago University of Hypnosis and Psychology  is built upon the philosophy that the integration of hypnosis and coaching can lead to more holistic and effective approaches to personal development. We believe in the innate capacity for individuals to harness the power of their own minds for positive change. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of empathy, ethics, and evidence-based practice in both non-therapeutic hypnosis and coaching.

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