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Ericksonian hypnosis is a modern direction of hypnotherapy, designed for an individual approach to each client, which primarily uses a non-directive, softer and more environmentally friendly effect.

Erickson’s method of introducing a person into a trance is aimed at working with the subconscious, bypassing the conscious part of the psyche, which allows you to bypass resistance and help the client to do the necessary work to solve his problems, understand his true needs and desires, and also realize the underlying reasons that prevent the achievement of the desired.
The difference between Ericksonian hypnosis and classical hypnosis is that the presence of the therapist in the work is minimal, there is no direct impact on the client’s decisions: he does the main healing work himself. The hypnotherapist also helps to listen to your own inner voice, to the wise subconscious.

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Practical application” (2,3 and 4 modules)

Full course participants will learn:

Training lasts 5 months, 3 lessons per week
skills of induction and withdrawal from a hypnotic trance;
skills of creating and using various types of suggestions depending on the psychological characteristics of the client;
the structure and constituent elements of trance, the microdynamics of trance;
skills to establish effective contact with the unconscious using ideomotor movements (levitation, catalepsy);
tactics of achievement and methods of obtaining information from the deep unconscious in a trance state;
regression techniques
creating a therapeutic strategy for a specific client;
identification and principles of working out psychotraumas of an early age;
ways of psychotherapeutic work without awareness of the problem by the client;
approaches to working with “difficult” and resistant clients;
using self-hypnosis for personal growth, expanding your knowledge and working through your own problems.
will receive an international certificate of “Professional Hypnologist”


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